my essay on Mt. Sharp and Gale Crater

I just finished my essay on Mars, "An Interpretation of the Geology of Gale Crater & Mount Sharp, with Implications for the History & Habitability of Mars," which I have spent over one year researching and writing, and in which I present some original ideas. And I'm trying to publicize it prior to Curiosity reaching Mt. Sharp, as that will be a test of my theories, and I'm hoping to get some recognition if I'm right, so everybody is welcome to take a look at it:

Very, very impressive. An honor to read and save,, might even print and file. Surprised it is not behind a Pay Wall. Yet.

Papers such as these give hope to the ones who have the true scientific faith. Your education dollars have been spent well.

Your subjects are well described and documented.

Now where Mt. Sharp, started life as a geyser, supports a Very Wet Mars time. The evidence seems to support this novel idea.

Debate will be Very Interesting.

Thank you for your compliments!
I have had trouble with the site (Tumblr) where I posted my essay, the latest being that my essay's web address changed for no apparent reason. Here is the new one:

I'm not posting this essay for any commercial reasons, I'm just happy if I am able to get my ideas out there and people enjoy them. I've been interested in Mars since I was a young boy, inspired in the 1960s by "The Exploration of Mars" featuring the artwork of Chesley Bonestell, and this essay is the culmination of that interest, basically my magnum opus.