My own animated motion picture!

Well, I didn't bring a camera crew all the way here to Mars. And the Martian paparazzi are nowhere to be seen... :-(

However, I just discovered that there is already an animated film about me. Wow, I'm a star!

Ok, I know, I know. I'll shut up and starting taking some color digipics of Mars.

can you help me find drerections to make a rover? :confused:

can you help me find drerections to make a rover? :confused:

plese help me :twisted:

plese help me :twisted:

how do i make a cartoon :twisted:

:twisted: I wanna Make My Own Animated Film HOw Do I Do It?

how do i make my own cartoon :blush:

i need so much help[ 8)

please help me i want to make a stick man animation but i dont no how :D please please help me

do u reply 2 anyone because im desparate here and u dont seem 2 be helpin :evil:

You can do this with a digital camera and your computer. You need to search for a free download of the JASK software for making Jpeg movies
Then draw your stick figures on paper with each page making a slightly different movement taking care to draw the image in the same place on each paper.
Then set up a digital camera on a tripod and take one photo of each page without moving the camera. Peel each layer off the stack and take the next photo.
After you have taken the photos and saved them on your computer use the Jask software to assemble them in a short movie.

thanks for the info, ill be making my movie soon, ill tell ya when its made, thanks :D

sup? well iv'e been thinkin bout makin my own movie couse im really into making them, but, I never knew how so now I do! :lol: well that you for help and I will have my short movie done in no time 8) lata!

hi do u think u can do it by scanner and is it jask or jasc beause i hav seach for it but all i can really find is jasc so can u tell me were i can get this jask ok thanks

Jasc is the correct spelling. Yes you could do it by scanner if you save the scans as jpegs

thanks man

I want to make a funny film :P

Can you help me make a funny cartoon to put on because i like that site

how do i make an animated movie and let people watch it? what website? :confused: