NASA Announces Media Teleconference to Explain Missing Sunspots 03-03-2011

"WASHINGTON -- NASA will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EST on Thursday, March 3, to discuss the first computer model that explains the recent period of decreased solar activity during the sun's 11-year cycle. The recent solar minimum, a period characterized by a lower frequency of sunspots and solar storms, ended in 2008 and was the deepest observed in almost 100 years. " (text only, online link )
General links, active March 3, 2011
Live audio link on 3/3/2011
Text and support information for 3/3/2011 , 'Heliophysics'

Visions of Mars 'Spider' (Araneiform) formations come to mind in this view of non-visible processes.
Climate, Aurora, technology damages, and much more, are submissive to this massive interactive Sun-Earth system.
Mars is also affected by this system as a Sun-Mars variation.
Electro-magnetic field ablation pattern in illustration, with NASA supporting text on the topic. Link.