NASA Chief's Wife Asks Obama to Not Fire Her Husband

Here's the [link.]

This interesting story speaks for itself.

However, it won't matter who is in charge of the rebuilt Tower of Babel. It will matter, if my calls for repentance are ignored.

We have not been given authority over anything beyond the earth. We will be not allowed to exercise our dominion beyond the earth, and any attempts to do this will result in natural disasters of accelerating power and scope.

The current space policy put forward by the Bush Administration is spiritually dangerous, and I suggest a more humble approach.

There is a reason why the sun grows dark at the end. As dark as sackcloth made of goat hair. A very cheap garment, indeed. If we don't humble ourselves, our sun will humble us, and I have been sent to underline this warning.

I know some here are smart enough to connect [these dots.]