NASA ???

Incredible, almost criminal negligence and incompetence of NASA is on display before your eyes:

Stingray fossil from Mars:

Lamb statue from Mars:

Martian outpost:

Animal skull from Mars:

8) 8) 8)

NASA is guilty of:

1. Scientific malpractice
2. Criminal negligence
3. Absolute stupidity

Is there grand jury for that?

Those of us who visit your little corner of the forum would really appreciate it if you would stop downgrading Nasa. This organisation has provided us a view that is unprecidented in history and have openly provided us with thousands of unique photos to use as we see fit. Once in a while you come up with something that we find interesting but if all you do is continue to bite the hand that feeds you (Nasa) I will have no choice but to ban you altogether. Presenting your ideas about what you see on Mars is fine but if all you are going to do is what I see in your last posts I WILL HAVE NO CHOICE!
I am giving you a chance to respond to this letter and state you're intentions before I act.
I recently upgraded your posting ability to give you more freedom and I feel you are letting me down.

Ok, no comments about NASA anymore :P

Thank you Es
I am going to change just the title of your last two posts to make them more appropriate