NASA's future looks bleak amid economic crisis

"Bleak" is a word that I rarely use.

Quality graphics work, for sure.

I wonder if they would let me buy Citigroup with some of my saving I prepared for this type of situation? I may not have enough as yet- perhaps a small group of us could secure the marsroverblog by picking up a large corporation for a song and dance, as they are seen by the investors as worth little more currently.
This is really all an illusion of impulse behavior and ambition gone wild. The economy was floating on a buoyant raft of bloated false value during the turn of the century.
A careful look at the value of production in s down-turning, post-war situation is not really bleak if the parties work for readjusted functioning. Too many want the world, and just do not want to work for their food and safety.

NASA can survive, but the big crunch was dormant volcano waiting for a place to break into the news. We needed solutions that were forward thinking during this new century- not wasteful evil expressions of dominion of others.

Good news is that the prices are down, and you can buy a 'dollars worth' using good 'cents' to make the decision. Use good 'cents' as prosper.
Our economy will adjust to an 'old' economic structure over time. We are a fairly new nation. Impulse control is key to survival.

NASA has been very successful in performance the past ten years. We have liquid water type materials showing at places on Mars, and materials altered by liquid water all across the northern hemisphere. A success record to show, and they are working to provide environmental assessment of the Earth's balances we are affecting with our rapatious economic workings.

A careful eye to good work on the job may be good advise for those worried about down-sizing problems. A good worker has value despite the shifting economy figures. The war scheme had a severe cost attached to it. The cost was human and economic.

Imagine the economy as a massive freeway, with a damage zone disrupting the traffic pattern. We fight 'virus' styled attacks on the Web, we can work the process to improve our lives in sum, even when losing in numbers our personal happiness. I have never owned a new car in my lifetime, for example, and I may never own one. People throw a car away like trash after a few years. That is a hidden economic type of catastrophe we choose to not look at.

Any redeeming value to my personal ideas?

I believe we should study Mars again with an additional MRO type system for full mapping of the planet. It is rather cheap, and fairly safe for all. Many of the solar system bodies could be mapped this way, for better economic decision making.

One thing important to think about: those seeking to 'bind in' and compromise our newest U.S. President will make waves to frighten the world, and play the scene with a vengeance if they want to bring the play to effect. It's a classic scheme.
The scene is of piles of money burning all the way to the horizon, all around us. Investments designed to serve the false value of non-equity and non-science thinking.

Dana, never a better time to buy a new car than NOW. There are STEAL deals on the lots. I think it's a little early to jump back into the stock market tho. The talking heads are predicting a bottom under 4000. As far as NASA goes, I always thought I'd see man on Mars. I don't see it happening now. I don't see any big projects being put into the pipeline. Kinda nice having lived in the golden age of space exploration. BTW is that YOU in the avatar???

Well said Dana, realistic and positive interpretations are never out of place. The golden years, yes, I was going through the PDS, as you do, and came across some of the last images transmitted from Mars by the Viking Landers, in 1982, wow. A pity the media back then didn't follow those missions with the enthusiasm they found for the MERs, but then again, there was NO internet in those days, I was robbed of knowledge, and had to rely on obscure University publications in Australia such as Capcom, by Melbourne University Students during the 70's. Well, for every summer, there is a winter, just rugging up for a while. I have never owned a new car either, I like the old ones, they made 'em tough back then. Postive attitudes will no doubt, reap postive results. Stiff upper lip chaps.

Pleased to hear from you all. I support hard work, and a careful ambitious spending program by individuals and the national government. The problem is, we had in this country a turn-around in the frenzied overspending which had caused a national debt equal to one of the full government budgets of similar sized economic nations such as ours.
In the turn of the century we had become close to stopping the drive into deficit spending, Then we used the current planned technique of massive new spending to give a stabilized standoff to balancing the budget as a possible new path of travel nationally. Now, we stand to gain for a few years again, then fail again in a swing of world-wide economic chaos giving us an additional page in bad economic history lasting for a half a century now.
I have a lot of opinion and concern, just as our graphics expert topic writer here does, and worrying about the space programs is just a page in the book we are looking at.
I sure hope the NASA programs, and planning the missions, will be a good investment. It is less important to many in this industry of space sciences to make another MRO to give a full mapping of areas around geologic sites of interest, than to seek new goals and a well rounded series of new answers and other solar system target bodies. Similar mapping would be serious challenge at the rates of transmission required by the MRO at the outer planets distance. It seems to me that Mars is the economic solution for a target between choices, but it's just opinion and personal interest mixed with expense consideration.
We had such a resource base when we seized the nation from indigenous people and swamped the last pristine reserve of natural beauty with our drive to consume and use/destroy. We should be preparing a coping economics standard based on careful use of this continent of beauty and value.
In that regard I think NASA has done well in trying to organize climate advisement missions, and stabilize social economic standards of future investment. Near Earth missions have a real value to all persons.
This new release of Google Earth 5.0/Mars has a quality of imaging that would be a full classroom course equivalent if the mapping is continued for a full coverage of all geology targets in statistical numbers of examples on Mars.
I was weak about and favored investing in a new electric type vehicle, but the new vehicles are too heavyweight for me as yet.
I'm wanting a good electric bicycle, with a short range and a good transmission type integration with pedalling. Many will always laugh for all time, but I have a serious ambition to buy a well made bike version someday soon.
Hopefully the Web/Internet will help people to adjust to a more restrained travel and purchase strategy in the long term.
My own small investment is strictly market index, the sore spot of damages at the moment. Long term investment now is the only salvation for my little bucket of imaginary cash.
I deserve the laughter and criticism I expect will be forthcoming. An old timers strategy that worked when growth was routine.
The various galleries of space and other science discipline photos are a great way to conserve economically and invest in a better world generally, I figured that the HiRISE images alone could keep me busy for twenty years of part time study.
Yes, that's my mugshot in the Facebook window. I plan to change it out periodically, for fun and intrigue reasoning. I usually don;t keep a hold-back on information, but I've had some some concerns the first part of the 21st century, and I'll be writing a cover story for a newer profile view.
General health coverage is important. I wasn't denying the real human value of the new U.S. program of wider coverage in health. It will have a place in stabilizing the economy temporarily, but not really a solution for the unemployed standing in lines of former production workers.
I've seen the car 'steals', John, and I can't abandon the fine antique I have as yet. Most days I ride a bike. It feels great, and it keeps me in younger appearances.

I was recently looking at space program and defense program spin offs. There are PLENTY, many of which have evolved into multi billion dollar industries. Instead of resurfacing basketball courts in Baltimore, or training more cops, do some REAL economic stimulus. Like announce a time line to send men to Mars. There would be more spin off and a flood of activity that would benefit the economy. I remember when Pop was working in the defense programs and the lunar program. There were support industries, machine shops, research facilities, testing facilities, manufacturing, design facilities and what ever you can THINK of. Communities were BUILT around them, we had to have housing, stores, gas stations, schools, eateries, motels and bars to support the communities. A new basket ball court or more section 8 housing is NOT going to help. Let's go to Mars.

John's commentary makes sense. It worked in the 60's and 70's.

When I predicted on [October 2, 2007] in pictures ... and through a [curious video,] that General Motors would falter and fail; I also allude to an African American at the eventual helm.

This has indeed come to pass, as we saw today with [the dismissal of GM's CEO by President Obama,] essentially putting an African America President at the helm of this once great economic engine.

The reason I mention this here is to remind you that St. NASA has likewise, been ["marked for desolation."]

See any similarities ...?

[Link - October 2, 2007]

[Link - June 6, 2007]

Looking at how you get the economy up and running again is the only thought now as we are where we are, I certainly believe there should be a race for Mars it will create jobs for sure. Such challenges will bring new technologies to the world and also inspire the World population to start thinking about us as Eartlings and that we are just one of billions of worlds in our Galaxy alone. As Dana said everyone wants to own the World but the fact is we all do by right and unless globally there is a social approach to recovery great suffering will take place for the lowest earners or educated. One thing the Banks have to do time for is loans and credit cards to people who could not afford them, governments should stop pumping money into Banks where it is never to be seen again but take high interest loans of the back of individuals and convert them into low interest acheivable payments. Once you do that you free up the spending power of the average person and thus your recovery will begin. But yes I too grew up in the 60's and 70's and the Moon shots were great and we got technology galore from it and industry did well. I would love to hear a speach saying we shall put a Man on Mars by the end of the next decade, it could be done.

Looks like the collaboration has been underway and with more co-operation planned for Space technology development still only plans to get to the Moon though.