New Feature: Easy Flickr Thumbnails

I have noticed that many people have started to use Flickr to store their Mars photos. Flickr is a great tool, and I have created a plugin that will make it easily to post thumbnail links of your photos stored in Flickr.

To post a linked thumbnail of a Flickr photo, simply copy and paste the URL of the Flickr photo page into your message. The Flickr photo page is the page on Flickr that displays a single photo. These page have URLs that look like the following:


(Note: when you paste the URL into a message, there should not be a space after the http:// - I have used a space above to prevent the URL from being converted to a thumbnail, so I can illustrate what these URLs look like. )

Here is the above example as a Flickr thumbnail:

Note that these are 'real' thumbnails, not re-sized images. The thumbnails are linked directly to the original size version of the image on Flickr. These linked images will open in a new window.

This feature makes use of the Flickr API. It took me a while to figure it out, but eventually I did. ;)

Please reply with any questions, comments, suggestions, or if you find something broken.

Thanks Mark! Great feature!

I will still use the flickr code to link to a page that allows viewing different sizes.

There are still individuals interested in Mars that don't have a fast web connection, and directly linking to some of the originals ( especially the 10 MB panoramas!) would deprive them of the option of viewing the smaller versions automatically generated by Flickr.

Thanks for the feedback. I think the plugin may actually prevent you from doing that. It will likely see your url to the flickr page and try to create a thumbnail out if it -- which would screw everything up.

Here is a test:

">link to flickr photo page

If this doesn't work, I will need to make some tweaks.

Alternative the plugin could be changed to always link to the Flickr photo page instead of the orginal. I would be very interested in what people think of that idea.

As I suspected, it didn't work...

Yes, doesn't work.

See reply 7 of Another Oppy MI Problem.

Might I suggest that your code keep it's nose out of well formed link ( A ) and img ( IMG ) tags?


I just noted that your plugin has destroyed existing links and images!!!

Turn the $&$*ing plugin OFF!

Okay, the code should now ignore any Flickr page URL that is preceded by a " (double-quote), ' (single-quote), or = (equal sign). This should prevent it from messing with well formed HTML links.

I also fixed that Oppy MI thread. Please let me know if there are any others that need to be fixed...

Looks OK now.

Please, let's not set up another monopoly.

(the useful page I want to link you to is behind the advertisement one)