New Feature: Posting Photos by Email

New Feature: Posting Photos by Email

I posted the photo above, and this text, by sending an email. I

simply attached the photo to an email, entered this text in the body

of the email, and sent the email.

The small image above is a "real" thumbnail. After sending the email,

the system actually creates a smaller version of the image to use as a

thumbnail. When you click on the image, a full size image will appear

in a new window. It may take 5-10 minutes for your message and photo

to be posted, so be patient.

There is a file size limit of 5 MB.

As a security measure, and to prevent abuse, I am not going to post

the email address here. If are an active member of the forum, and are

interested in using this feature, please send an email request to

Richard. At Richard's discretion, he will give out the email address.

We all want to avoid people spamming this site with images that are

not relevant, and hopefully this process will help in that regard.

The photos are not stored on this server. This new feature makes use

of a cool new service call Flickr. For those of you who are looking

for a great service to store your photos, you should definitely check

out these guys. For less than $50 per year, you get unlimited storage

and 1 GB of uploads each month. They also have a free plan with more

restrictions. For more info go to

Cool feature Mark!
For those here who need this service just email me at and I will send you a link.
This is intended for loyal Rover Forum participants. Even if you have hesitated to join in in the past because you had no way to post images, email me a letter to that effect and I will give you a try.
For those who use very slow photo hosts, this will give you a much faster posting photo!

One thing I forgot to mention. When you use this feature, the message will appear from "Mars Photos". There is no way (currently) put your name instead. As such, it is a good idea to sign your name at the bottom of the email, so everyone will know who posted the photo.

Flickr Test:

This is a Full filter (L1..L7) image of the Endurance Dunes, taken 11/16/2004.

Hope this works...


OK, I see a problem. Flickr changes the name of the imahe file, so a lot of information is lost. I will add it to the original file name as a tag.

I would like some feedback from people as to how well images like the one in reply 0 and 3 load from flickr before I start using the service on a regular basis.

It's in beta testing now, so there may be problems.

Just discovered a serious ( to me ) flickr limit: maximum image size is 1024x1024, so I can't post my large panoramas there -- even if I have the space. Bummer. I will ask them why.


Even the "professional" service has a 5 MB per image limit. I was considering plunking down my $50 for the professional service: 1 GB uploads per month service with unlimited storage - just so I could make my 60 MB PNG Left / Right color pan of Burns cliff available...

Have the e-mail posting issue's been resolved as to the Author name? Also did you use flikr mail? and has this been a reliable posting method?

RKT, the author name "issue" still exists. It is a limitation of the Flickr "posting by email" feature.

When I first launched this feature, I thought it would be popular. I was wrong. Only a handful of photos were posted using this method. Perhaps the "author name" issue was the primary reason.


Just wondering if anyone if using this program and seeing results?

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