New Feature: Search

I have added a search feature, that enables you to search the discussions on this site. There is now a small search box at the topic of each forum. You can also use the advanced search.

I have also increased the number of "pages" of forum topics that you can access, enabling you to go further back into the past to read (and reply to) older threads. Note: the page links at the bottom of each forum are not "smart" - if you get a blank page, that means there are no more threads to view.

I hope these features are helpful.

Also, I know that a lot of people would like to see paginated topics - breaking long topics into multiple pages - that one is a little more difficult to achieve, but I do plan to do this when I have more time.



Excellent, thank you. Just tried a few to see. The advanced search might be more useful for sorting by date for example, I usually want to see the most recent first and also searching for a particular person when I 'know' they have said something useful that I want to find again but can't for the life of me find the right thread. But a search facility is something I had thought would be useful before, thanks for adding it.


The advanced search does sort by date. But it is by the date that the topic was started, not the date of the reply that matched the search query. By default, the results are sorted by date, with the most recent first.

Also, you can search for a particular person's name. For best results, enclose the person's name in quotes (if more than one word) and include other words in the query. Seems to work well. I won't complete restrict the search to comments made by that person, but if you search is specific enough, you should be able to find what you are looking for...

Yes, sorry Mark, I wasn't clear. I was trying to say to anyone else that the advanced search facility could do what you said in reply 2. I didn't express myself well but thanks again.

I haven't yet tried out the search.

But, I have noticed that the site seems to be working more smoothly today. When I click the POST button, I don't get the error message like we used to get. It also posts quicker than before.


Thank you very much.



This is a great feature and it is one that I requested at this blog long ago. Thanks!



ditto :D

What does *regex* search mean?

And Thanks!