New Forum Feature: Auto-linking

Hi everyone,

I noticed that many people were referencing images and URLs from the NASA site. To make this easier, most of these URLs will automatically become links:

1. URLs ending in JPG will automatically display the image as 100px wide thumbnail. Clicking this image will open the image full-size, in a new window.

2. URLs ending in HTML will be replaced by a link titled "[Link]". Clicking on the link will open the web page.

So you no longer need to use the "URL" button to create links to images. Just cut and paste the URL into your message.

If anyone has any other ideas for forum features, let me know.

THANKS MARK! That's helpful

Great Idea! I will take advantage of this feature my next post!

Is there any limit on the html tags allowed in the posts?

It would be nice to see on the home page a link to what tags can be posted.

Also, also it would be useful to be able to edit your own posts.

Sometimes the fingers are quicker than the brain...