New Rocket Motor Concept

Since the lifetime fo the firs liquid Rocket ,,the buxzz bomb dropped on London Tow,,,Little if any Major Change has developed
in Design.

1. The current 200 year old rocket motor is an internal combustion motor.

2.I propose a Closed Cone,,no combustion chamber motor.
2a. Why should the explosion occur inside the engine,and then be funneled for thrust?
2b. Shouldn't we gain more thrust,by putting the explosion between the rocket and whatever?

3.I easily see improved performance along with less rocket fuel burned.

4.I will explain this motor,,below in steps a,b,c,,,,etc

A,If you are drinking from a flared top coffee cup,empty it,dry it out and turn it upside down,,handle away from you.Ignore the handle.This is your motor,withour fuel tank,
or fuel nozzles.

B. In the carbon block (preferred stock),,cut two shallow groves on the outside for fuel tank,top and bottom.

C,Drill a few hundred VERY small holes in this closed cone,,three or four much larger at top for small spark plugs.

D. Cover with SS leaving a reasonable space between surfaces,snap in between,groves as in
B above.

God Willing I will at least build a "proof of concept"
Joe in Texas

Joe Smith>>>

Sounds like you are building a scram jet or ram engine. Wouldn't you use 'glow-plugs' instead of full fledged spark plugs? What are you manufacturing for your 'motor' housing? Are the VERY small holes for-O2 to combust the fuel? And what fuel are you proposing to use? Is the proposed rocket system under pressure with forced intakes like a double A fuel dragster and its methanol explosions?

You said in earlier posts you have a 'shop' of sorts in your this the planning and experimental area you will work in?

Give it a try Joe, just don't blow yourself up!