New Spaceship propulsion system + water endless water supply

Fastest Spaceship travel km/s not /h “+” full proof water supply making water for 1,000 year’s from one shipment of gas flown into space.

Magnets pull or repealing each other are used as the propulsion system. We make the strong feild pull together then have multiple options.

  1. We fire high frequency wavelength signal hitting the field pushing it out. They did this at HARRPA where it’s said it causes earthquakes by pushing up earth’s magnetic field that in return pushes back down once you stop. It 100% will push out the magnetic field.

  2. The magnet bubbles detected at the edge of the solar system are created by the sun Spinning= spinning magnetic field. We spin an magnetic field not having = force and it pushes out the magnetic field pulling the spaceship forward.

  3. Pulsed magnetic field pushes out magnetic field possible with no backwards and forwards motion.

  4. Compressed magnetic field blasting out gauss hitting the magnetic field pushing the spaceship forward faster and faster. Scientist months ago found away to stop burning out the parts, so you can compress a magnetic field now.

Take your pick some will work.

Magnetic field gauss can reach trillions of gauss. Who ever said magnetic field is the weaker force is an idiot “it may even” results in creating a black hole because before it the sun goes supernova, it *s it’s magnetic field from 4 trillion Gauss to what? Don’t forget magnetic fields disturb space time and wrap.

Use fridge freezer ice with oxygen and fridge gas. Now you can make huge amounts of water from oxygen and fridge gas and we just melt the ice and drink it. Almost an endless supply of water because the gas with oxygent last a very long time. Just melt the ice down in pure oxygen room and oxygen needed to make huge chunk of ice is realised back into the room.

With this idea we can almost travel at C and can travel past C if we can make powerful magnetic fields.

Food check. Water supply check. Propulsion system check. Should be able to make it to closest star within 5 year’s traveling under C. Water supply for a spacecraft full of that gas would last 1,000 year’s time.

For building you use air conditioning gas and make it freeze up then melt it. My old air conditioning system would get so cold it would freeze up into one giant ice block multiple times a day. Melt it down have huge sums of building water.

We fly down in space wrap avoiding any rocks / space debri… Maybe going down for a split second will remove radiation. If not 10 liters of water stops radiation…will need mass magnetic propulsion systems.

If this is viable why can’t an endless water supply be used on earth?

Well we could make water now in Africa.

It’s new my idea “it’s” a first.

I think you mean splitting the molecule into hydrogen and oxygen?

I take it so, but you don’t even need hydrogen because it’s energy benifits are so small.

We can make almost an endless supply of water on earth. Start telling everyone.

Talk to me me. I’m listening.

Just contact NASA Musk and as many people as possible.

What do you want to know about?

I want to know how regular H2O powers rockets.