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The 'Gale crater' search of NASA doc's gives a count of 18, but I see your reference to the NTRS reduction in the total for that section of the library.
Another White House adjustment with less technical information.

California follows, but UC and others will be excepted.

Will the tech information ever be relisted? Copies apparently are present for much of the missing or removed totals. The 'cloud' search keyword process is useful for indexed materials.

The long process of adjustments usually works in a complex world, and we are moving into a development phase for new advances and accomplishments, nationally and internationally.

I want to place this contest for a design in a Venus Rover through NASA here to avoid new topics. The idea of a high heat semi-autonomous avoidance system is interesting.
Cash award for the winner if picked.

Should have gone 'tiny' with that link.

Any ideas?