Obama Asks Retired Air Force General to Run NASA

[Obama Asks Retired Air Force General to Run NASA] - posted: 13 January 2009 8:32 pm ET Space.com

See the link above for the details. I'm impressed that he picked an outsider.

Hopefully, this is someone who will help revise the U.S. space policy, before Humpty Dumpty falls to pieces and can't be put back together again.

Bush always touted that he never presumed to know what God was "thinkin'." The problem with that philosophy is that he never cared enough to even guess.

With two direct and historic hurricane strikes on St. NASA's primary North American facilities in 2008, that were [predicted right here with colorful maps,] I can guess. I can guess that without repentance in 2009, announced publicly by public officials, [there will be more storms under the earth] than all those in the sky above.

If there are still any doubts that what I have asked for, cannot be achieved, I advise that you put your ears to the ground and listen, as I bid farewell to [Michael Griffin,] chief prince of the church of humanism.

You've heard of mission creep? This is what I call "quake creep."

Repent now, or forever hold your [pieces.]

A retired USAF general. This does NOT bode well. Read the accounts of the USAF generals awarding gold astronaut wings to those who were in the USAF. "Wait, let me see if the general can see you now." A handshake, good job fellas, bye! NOW, read about the USN astronauts getting gold wings. Pomp, ceremony, and real recognition.


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