[Off Topic] Candid...ates

This Sunday elections for the government will take place in Portugal.
There are five major candidates but only one of them presented a plan concerning the development of technology and investment in Portugal as a country returning for exploration as 500 years ago.

Now...a pool...In which of this guys would you vote?
At the end I'll tell you from what parties they are and the space-candidate..

candidate a) b) c) d) e)
from left to right.

Is that David Letterman, second one from the right?? :D
anyway i vote for the last one to the right, just because he has lots of books bihind him.
You right coutrys like Spain and Portugal need to go back to those Dias Gloriosos de exploracion.

The Earth Exploration Rovers... :wink:

I missed this:

amor agradável de i que traça.
my portuges is not to good, i speak Spanish but nós onde os dicovers grandes.
love your work AUTRAX

USTRAX sorry :-)

What were you trying to say in portuguese?
Let me know in english so I can translate it...
Literally, what you've written means:

'Love pleasant of i that draws
My portuguese is not to good, I speak Spanish
but we where the discovers big'

I believe that the Spirit of those days, if applied to Space Exploration can be the major Opportunity for a bright new day to Humanity.

hahah!! :D LOL that's funny and wierd.
I was tring to say that i like that type of map and that i love to think about the time when Spain and Portugal were great dicovers.
I was born in Madrid, and as you can read, my portuguese is not nearly as good as i thought :blush: the few words i know i learn them from my Brazilian friend. :D
I agree reviveing that spirit is key for the future of space exploration.

This thread really is not about Mars. I wanted to let you know before I moved it into the penalty box. You can continue with it in there. I am placing ONLY the thread in the box Not you

A wild guess: the second one from the left.

SO, who won?

Собственно, все когда–то учились в школе... Но совершенно точно в школе не
преподавали таких и вот таких (второй вариант) забавных способов умножения.

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