Official GIN Invitation

We share ideals. I hold a certain level of respect for you, and so I'm inviting you to join an organization I recently became a part of.

It's called THE Global Information Network, and it's a members-helping-members insider connections group.

I'm looking to genuinely benefit from this organization, and have it benefit from me. This is why I'm inviting you so that we both have the chance to mutually benefit.

You can download an MP3 audio explaining more, here:

This is your chance to be a part of something greater than yourself, and allowing you to guide your own destiny.

There is a strong emphasis on the financial multilevel network market potential, but this is not *ALL* that GIN is about.

I encourage you to look into it a bit on your own and make the decision to join.

If you have cash to burn, there is a $1,000 membership initiation fee with a $150 per month due... For which you will receive certain benefits.

BUT, because we are connected... You're being offered the chance to join for FREE as an affiliate.

My invitees often ask 'what they get out of it', well: GIN will be a way to inspire your to accomplish your goals.. and a way to promote your dreams so that they may be manifested.

There is the possibility for us both to become super-rich by maintaining a relationship with GIN over time... But beyond that, we should be able to use this as an avenue to accomplish anything we desire.

The insider FREE affiliate registration link is:

And the code you should enter is:


You denied the public the content you offer between or towards the members.

This group excludes non-members from common benefits.

The investment is requested without offers of subject or commitment, indicating no warrantee.

Are you legally registered as an entity somewhere, and where is that item?

Please publish your address for legal service and notices here, or I'll request this be removed from this blog.

Have you any true name, or are you denying that information as well?

"Imagine making more money in a month than most people earn in a whole year. Imagine generating a monthly residual income of thousands of dollars per month, after month, after month, after month. Imagine creating a perpetual money making machine. Imagine true financial freedom. And imagine doing this part time, without ever having to leave your home!"


"For every individual you get to join GIN as a member, or another way of saying it, for everyone you get to buy a membership in GIN, you are paid $200 commission. If you get just 5 people to join GIN as members, you make $1000. That covers your initial membership dues. If you get 10 people to join GIN as members, you make $2000. If you get 100 people to join GIN as members you make $20,000. Anytime and every time you get someone to become a member in GIN you earn $200 commission."

The product is the membership. In all likelihood this is not just pure MLM, but the illegal kind with no tangible assets, lots of big talk and a pyramid structure that ultimately must fail with all latecomers losing everything. I would delete this if it was my blog.

For those unable to read the first page of the 'GIN' site, a few 'magic' formulae details to digest.

"Membership is by invitation only. All members of GIN are and will always remain anonymous to the general public. GIN is a Multi-Form Foundation organized in the country of Nevis."

"The GIN membership list is confidential."

" You have been personally selected and handpicked to receive this exclusive invitation. "

"Not all applications will be accepted and not everyone qualifies."

"If you are approved for membership, 90 days from today you could be making more money than you ever thought possible."

" Having powerful, influential connections, who you know, is a key element in success."

All the above are quotations from the first half page of the online site of the 'GIN'. Unfortunately there are many other groups using the term 'GIN' listed by searching online.

In science , one of the saddest qualities of development around the world, and locally, is the 'secrets societies' and the linear racketeering of information.
It multiplies the expenses of science research and common citizen follow-along of research, and blocks opportunities for the less fortunate in social standing.
This program advocates that corrupt set of practices, and claims to make wealthy the conspirators and perpetrators of those techniques of impeding popular science and common social well being.
As you can read in the sites own terms, at this linked page, the offer is both open to all, and claimed as 'exclusive and secret'.

Members are selected for integration, not given a fair distribution of any goods, services, nor information.

This site is combative and contradictory to science as such, and denies equal basis for science to both new members, and the general population, except as selected by 'anonymous' and 'secret' member networking, of which no member is able to account for the actions and products of any other member.
In contradiction to even that disparity of services and goods(information), the interactions are either 'top down', or by 'secrecy networking', without accountability by mutual decisions in the distribution of services. A GIN site page stating the 'classified information' content of the membership levels beyond the first level.

Most organizations co-ordinate wealth by collusion or some secrecy, with those working less being paid more by the work time period than lower status or 'classed' members. This requires nearly everywhere in the world government type intrusion and regulation of 'run-away wealth' being a 'pyramid scheme' type operation. Social damages are augmented, class injuries enhanced, and the corruption of science and information is nearly guaranteed, particularly in the social common effects.

This group opposes 'Open Access' to information, and the group is damaging to this blog, and to societies world-wide.

'Goodwill towards others' is a far better selection of paths to take in personal values, or, even the selection of locking your doors and reading this and other news or science blogs and forums. Accountability is important, and required in most social groups. This group does not claim to have a basis for that 'accountability' set of values.

This topic is not based upon a science theme.

Dana>>>sending FMR a note to remove this crap from our face.


I wasted several hours trying to determine if the 'free memberships' offered were the same as the '$1,000 + $150/month' membership cost type, but was still as perplexed as when I opened the site first page hours prior.
Now I'm really mad.
This is similar to 'junk mail', also referred to as 'spam/scam'.