One post replaced another?

There seems to be a new kind of glitch here. I recently added a new post(#13) to the thread [Scientific Reputations,] and the [new post] replace the old #12, which was originally dated June 15, 2007 11:15 AM.

In order to verify this, I pulled up the cached version of the page on Google, running a search of scientific reputations

What's up with this?

What was the content of the reply that disappeared? Who was the poster and what were the contents? Is is possible that it was a spam reply that may have been deleted in the database, nut not yet reflected on the published page? In such a case, a reply might seem to disappear when you post a new one -- but this should never happen to a legit reply.

Hi Mark,

My posts appear but do not open and any reply to Henry 2nd attempt to launch failed also. Not sure why.

Feedback please.

Sorry Mark ignore business as usual less haste more speed.


Thanks for the Blog


The first link is the cached original, which is stored on Google, and the second is the replacement. When I added reply #13, #12 vanished and was replaced and became the new #12. The new post replaced another, which was older.