Phoenix software released

I have upgraded MER software to include Phoenix, MPF and Viking filename deciphering.

I have also written a GUI for Bill Allen's Bippy PDS scripts, this acts as a standalone PDS *.IMG file viewer and header reader for Phoenix, MER, MPF, Stardust.


To any one that has previously downloaded the latest version of MERDAT. Released May 21, 2009

I had to replace the download, there was a bit of code not working, missing in fact.
There is now MERDAT X+ Beta 1.0.1

The save function in X-Eye now works, save function on main page has also been tidied up

Analglyph creation works with GIFs.

Filename conventions on Viking and MPF colour pics made better.

If you downloaded it recently, please discard the copy you have and get it again.
There is a big difference.

If you download MERDAT X+ please use the MERDAT users group to post any error or bug notices, While using the program, click on Help then Email.

Sorry about that.


An attempt at a direct link.

MerdatXplus 1.0.1 Download page.

Kevin, MERDAT sounds like an interesting program.

Delphi 7.... A nice OOP language. I did a fair amount of programming in Delphi a decade ago...

OK, some suggestions...

How about a HDR option? Display a brightness distribution and if it is skewed heavily towards the shadows suggest a square root transform - or even a fourth root transform to closer approximate human perception. If the distribution is bimodal ( mostly shadows and highlights with not much in between) then you can do a "fake" HDR by adding 1/3 of the normal image to 2/3 of the square root image.

Or how about applying a vignetting correction filter - ( % of the brightness of a rotated monotonic polynominal )

Or a "white balance" correction ( automatic ( bad idea ) - or from a selected point that is "known" to be white or gray )

Or a difference filter - which consists of computing the difference between images and adding back some multiple of the difference to highlight the differences?

I do most of my processing using imagej - but would consider using MERDAT if most of the common processing that I do were available in the program.

Most of my routine processing is now in imagej Macros.

Here is a sample of some of the routine processing - MER R12 2 filter synthetic color processing.

Notice that I actually create three images - the "standard" R12, a square root stretch and a "fake" HDR using the square root and the "standard" image.