Planetaria blog (formerly The Meridiani Journal)

After some thinking, I decided to rename the blog; The Meridiani Journal is now Planetaria, which better expresses the subject matter - planetary exploration, both in our solar system and beyond. I liked TMJ, but Meridiani is more specifically connected only with Mars, and the purpose of this blog is to discuss a wide range of planetary exploration. The format remains the same, only the name has changed.

Please note the new web URL, e-mail, RSS feed, Facebook and Twitter pages:

For those following on Facebook and Twitter, you are still following automatically under the new name. The new Twitter will be used for quicker publishing of major or breaking news as well as referring to new blog posts.


Paul Scott Anderson


The e-mail link didn't display properly (when clicked); it should just be:

The Twitter link is also missing the "h" in "http" (when clicked); it should be:




very nice site update...thanks.


I stop by from time to time, even with all the missions and news to follow. A fine looking site. Thanks for your hard work.

Thanks, guys. I find it's getting harder all the time to keep up with everything happening space-wise these days, but that's a good thing... :-)

I sure hope the international groups find it possible someday to open the information line the way the U.S. has shown us is possible. We are so deluged with images and returns that the space sciences are in change weekly in historical and basic understandings about processes and content.
No longer the domain of a simple set of facts and a few historical paths.
This is the context of real science in action currently.
A great time in the space industries as well if the continuation of the multi-national and private efforts are successful.