Polar Storms

Polar Storms

Looks like the MRO is tossing bones. Last release show a departing storm and snowscape
in Chasma Boreale. This image was taken on the 6th of July. A companion MARCI image from April 20th will also be presented. This would be 6 Earth weeks between, we most convert to Mars time and this would in reality represent 3 Mars weeks. On Earth the seasons last about 3 mo’s, on Mars about 6. Latitude of MRO image 84.7N

It would seem that Geologist see geological things and Meteorologist see metrological things.

MRO team says:

“HiRISE data allow us to see which side of these dunes has the steeper slope (the slip-face), telling us what direction the dune—and strong near surface winds—are moving (in this case the slip-faces point almost directly to the left).”

Then they wonder:

“Yet something else is also happening to these particular dunes. Dark streaks lead away from the dunes toward the lower left of the image.”

That would show wind shift with frontal passage.

The US Navy never lets a ship leave port without a weather crew on board. I suggest NASA should do the same. What has always amazed me is the reluctance of the Weather teams to simply say what they see and know to be true. Go figure.

So, what do I see? I see a departing storm to the north . Clouds and Snowfall with visibility reduced to total obscuration. Snowfall accumulations in troughs between dunes are greater north. Ground snow shows a steady storm track movement to the North, some areas appear to have missed out. This would be reasonable for spring and early summer. Southern sections shows residual winter snow in a sublimation stage

In my opinion the geological observations are incomplete without the meteorological data taken in context with the visible data. Bless their heart. The visible data at the Phoenix site supports air-mass development and movement, so does everything else. Without Phoenix showing frost development under varying conditions this thread would not be possible. That is why I put it here.

Image 1- Departing Polar Storm


Image 2- Satellite data showing active storm track.



Side note:

I suspect the white areas in the MARSI image are in fact moisture plumes from between polygons. Subsurface eruptions would be the primary water source on Mars.

Conditions at the Spirit location has shown us great temperature contrast on the surface. This would produce dust devils. Until I see a thermal image showing this contrast and visible data showing dust devils in the area I an not buying it.

A few dust devil tracks in the satellite data would not hurt. Not a chance brother.


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Now guys. An Earth weatherman loves storms. We are entering a time of cooling and storm development on Earth. Water cools and heats slower than the land. A great area of storms are the Hudson Bay and Great Lakes of North America.

I see the storms forming in the Hudson Bay today. The Great Lakes are next. Yea Baby.



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We are a long way past the mud at the Opportunity site.

Time for a Dana image. Mud on a large scale.



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We finally agree I can crap up a thread. You are correct in the fact that we have had a rare look at Polar weather on Mars. I hope it was interesting. It was the most exciting MRO image I ever saw.

As far as weatherman at sea if you were part of a battle group I am sure the carrier had one. If you were alone I am sure there was a couple on board.


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