Post view not updating

I've had a problem with my view of current posts in a topic not updating to the current post.

The example:

The last post, #151, January 20, 2010 9:45 PM is all I see. On the Forum Menu, it shows that that last post is by Horton, Thu Jan 21, 2010 23:43 EDT. I know I've made a couple of posts since #151. In fact, my last post there was sort of a test post where I said "Pancams up at Exploratorium" and was able to see all the following posts once my "test post" made it to the thread. As I'm sure it would do if I made another test this morning.

I've refreshed the page, cleared my browser cache (IE6, I need to update...), cleared my cookies and cleared the History, but to no avail.




You must get Mozilla Firefox browser immediately and dump IE forever and turn OFF the automatic updates which is just an MS trick to spy on your software for their updates. Do yourself a favor and dump it.

Once you have Firefox loaded, place IE into a desktop file called 'unused' will be surprised how much 'stuff' gets accumulated in that file.

...and BTW>>>check out the NASA browser add-on in'll like it! The latest headline news is from world renowned BBC. All free.

...its a whole new world out there Bill!!!
good luck.


I've been planning to-- my Firefox download is a couple of versions old ans I do need to get the newest.

I do need to get rid of Internet Deplorer.

I'm a Luddite. Worse, a procrastinating Luddite... :roll: