RAC images missing from PDS

Hi folks, I have been searching for the test images sent by Phoenix to Earth prior to landing. Phoenix sent back at least 3 images, from the RAC usng the Red, Blue and Green LEDs to illuminate the soil scoop inside the lander. When these images appeared they have the names like lg_204.jpg.
Does anyone have any knowledge of the original images and their proper filenames which are including the spacecraft timeclock stamp. They should begin with RC or RT instead of RS.
The original images I obtained prior to landing are at the following URLs.

Does anyone know where to find the real pics or why are these images not included in the PDS?
Cheers Kevin.

More info,

From this website,

a thumbnail pic and info that the image was made on September 6 2007.

This webpage is where the blue image came from,

You will notice the image has been coloured blue, when it should be a shade of grey. The other Green and Red images have also been touched up.

There is no spacecrft data visible on this page like other RAC images.
Normally they have the original filename at the top right, on this page it only says, 'Robotic Arm Scoop (Blue)'.


According to a post on unmannedspaceflight.com blog, Sols 30-90 data have now been released.

Thanks for that update Barsoomer, I have again visited the PDS and discovered that, I can not locate any pre landing data or images, so, my question remains.

Where is the data for the pre-landing images?