Raw Images Show Upslope Clouds

Sol 410 raw images show upslope clouds. These were presented before but light and shadow on the distant hills have been problematic.

Descent data showed a saturated layer of, "ice haze." By definition, a visible accumulation of condensation on condensation nuclei nuclei is a cloud. Restriction of visibility is evident here.

Visible light scattering in association, or prism effect, shows violet reflection post to follow.


distant clouds

The NASA 30th anniversary image shows a violet haze. The associated Curiosity image is no longer available. Those dang politicians. The violet reflection is also evident in Gale Crater. A NASA processed image from gale was available yesterday. Will post if and when the political polarity finds reconciliation. Good luck with all of that....

In the mean time, the Viking Image shows those mid level ice crystals....





Its all about the weather. Earth, Mars, It does not matter...



A song for Minny. More Mars images to come....


Have a few images of some unusual appearing late fall 'wave' form cloud formations taken this week in very fast moving passage, close to ground. Interesting how the cohesiveness of cold weather clouds are so distinctly different from warmer weather clouds(water vapor and condensation type). The perspective distortion of low altitude gives such a radiating appearance, and the analogy to inverted liquid water waves is so close in appearances.
If you have time some day, perhaps you could give an explanation of the similarities conditioned by the inversion within the scenes, and state of materials, etc.
Planning to be following you closely very soon.

If you recover the image you referenced, I am interested. This is a similar low level but more irregular patterned type of rapid moving cold air over a warm ground forming as an inverted 'ocean wave' set of shapes which can sweep across the ground at tens of miles per hour while remaining rigid as they move. Very dense and dark, ominous,



This is also related to what I was describing.


What was the relative height of the clouds you were describing? My computer source is blocked the Curiosity close-ups for sol410.

Those images were awsome Dana. The original image seems more like a dust plume.

Got to love those Mars winds...

Still haven't been able to upload the images from a cell phone yet, for the odd wave patterns from near Shawnee, Oklahoma. Cold weather can be a 'science fiction' scene set of qualities at times. Very dense like storm clouds in warmer weather on Earth. If only we could see some of these heavy water vapor clouds at low level on Mars. I am sure the patterns on Mars are as fantastic as this denser atmosphere o Earth.

Possibly Fred hasn't recovered his original images for this topic as yet, Dave.
I presumed the Undulatus_asperatus type low level clouds were named long ago, but it is claimed the term is new and no reference to this type in history was explained. The type I was hoping to show are quite different, more regular, and as impressive but unique.
In Oklahoma we have nothing to equate to the Mt. Sharp 3 mile elevation rise which is influencing the cloud pattern Fred was describing. The reference to 'gravity wave' clouds was as close as I could guess as yet prior to seeing the rover images he described.

Nice ice storm across the entire US this week. Down to 0* F here in Oklahoma at times. Records were broken this week in locations.