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Very Proud to Present the Mercury Messenger


Mercury seems to be a Forge,
Rock is repeatedly melted and cooled.
This rock is mostly metal,,anyone know of any Mercury meteorites?
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To answer my question,,,Mercury Meteorites,,
No,,,the gravity price is too high.

I have an almost obsessive (not that it interferes with daily living),,,interest in Mass,and Density.
And the way these two play together to form Gravity.

Gravity on Sol or our Sun is such that we have
a contionious explosion unable to escape,,,,,from
there,,the influence goes outward to our first planet Mercury.

Here the solids are at the densest in our solar system,the influence contuies outward to Venus,
where it has weakend enough to allow clouds.

And then outward to Earth,,,,where we the intelligent specie,,put the number 1 on it.

Then on to Mars. Where it is 62% Less.

Density and its buddy Mass are passengers on this phenomenon,,so it will be easy to see any rock on Mars above a certain Density,,if it is not volcanic,,,did NOT come from Mars,what a goldmine of precious metals.
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,,,this and tgat,the Grunt,Messenger,space politics,etc,,

Possibly of Particular to many,,,,,,talks of 2015,,, :D

This robodaily has many interesting articles.Nice
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Fresh Impact Craters on Asteroid Vesta


Very interesting.

Also very interesting.

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