:) Hay guise, the microscopic imager on Opportunity is working again!!! (since 11 days ago...)

There had been no decent shots from Oppy's MI for a long time.

Repent Test ,,,

Lately, it seems that every time NASA sends a shuttle into orbit, bad things happen on the earth. Is this a coincidence, or another one of Wayne Hale's ["theological arguments?"]

Bad things happpen on Earth -regardless of Shuttle Launches or Landings.

Come to think of it Bad Things have been happenning on Earth for a very long time and certainly well before there was ever any space shots - or for that matter aircraft.



The International Space Station is different than Skylab because of that key word I underlined. The dispersion at the original Tower of Babel, was to keep men from doing what? What were they doing that the "myth" says, caused the dispersion in the first place? Building a Tower to the Sky as a unified race of people? What are they doing on the ISS?

This comet brightened immediately after I said words which have nothing to do with the "darkness," but everything to do with the Light.

Here are my exact words on [October 1st:]

"What I say here, only amounts to "riddles" for those who don't know the end of the story. I'm not the Hero, but I may play a key role in the final chapter."

This statement was immediately followed by [a clip] from the movie Alexander, which plainly showed the Medusa on his breastplate.

Now you can say that's a coincidence, but these coincidences keep adding up, and the odds are getting interesting, because this comet grew brighter on the [exact day] I put forward my first ever, mathematical thesis for the hurricane predictions I made earlier this year, and which came to [perfect fruition,] including the routing of the ISS, caused by hurricane Dean.

So what does the roaring and tossing of the sea have to do with [great signs] in the heavens? [Read it for yourself.]