Roadcut under the microscope

Sorry, I haven't posted lately. I've had my head (err, arm) in the sand - literally. :lol:

I have been investigating the trench called "Roadcut" that I made the other day, using the tools on my arm to analyze the soil composition in the trench. Tomorrow I finish up here and start moving onwards towards Bonneville.

hmm. can't imagine having to reprogram a computer that far away and with that little access. seriously, to work on a computer from a remote location requires that the computer be working in the first place. kudos and continued good luck spirit


Yes, Zeb, our rovers are quite intelligent. But they are the beginnings of Skynet and will soon claim the Earth as their own and us as their meaningless slaves. I pledge my allegiance to the rovers now and provide my worthless human body to serve them until I die a pathetic lonely death in their service.

Personally, I've begun digging in my backyard. Soon I hope to have a big cavern dug out which I will name "Zion".

I could use some help though.

If you are building "Zion" then I will have to begin work on hacking into the construct so we can interface and free the other slaves. Well, we will have to have a rave in "Zion" first and then we can free the rest of humanity.

Hi there,
I have been thinking: what is better, having human beings go to Mars, or sending a bunch of rovers instead?

Few things to think about:
How much would it cost to send a rover to Mars?
How much would it cost sending a human?
Rovers are replaceable, humans aren't.
Rovers don't need food, cloths, only the sun rays.
Rovers don’t have emotions, they are scientific vehicles that measure far more variables far more accurately than humans can, and then send them raw without the cloud of human interpretation, errors, or imagination.. they only send the truth.
Rovers always do what we tell them!

Today, I was shocked to hear that the most famous telescope in the history of humanity, Hubble, will be allowed to die in space because a planned maintenance shuttle service (that was going to increase it’s power x10) was cancelled by NASA. According to public radio, part of this decision was made because of NASA's/Bush's new vision of sending a human to Mars and retiring the space shuttle..
“A human being, in exchange for Hubble and tens of very advanced robots/rovers”

Spirit and Opportunity have shown us how robust and effective rovers are. Are we you willing to give this up? Give up all the Hubble pictures and discoveries, and Opportunity’s pictures and analysis? Imagine having never seein any Hubble pictures, or known about dark energy in space. Imagine now not learning more, its like stepping back in history and loosing THE beloved Hubble, and probably the Spirit’s and Opportunity’s future siblings too? Do u like the option of no more rovers, no more Hubble.. ?