Rover on the Horizon

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit took this navigation camera image on sol 33 (February 5, 2004). In the foreground is the lander, and the untouched surface of Mars lies beyond. Spirit has since traversed across this landscape, and as of the morning of sol 105 (April 19, 2004), sits about 500 meters (1640 feet) away on the horizon (red dot). The elevated crest on the left side of the image is the rim of "Bonneville" crater, which Spirit reached on sol 65. The rover has since descended from the Bonneville rim and is traveling southeast toward the base of the "Columbia Hills" (not visible in this image).

Image credit: NASA/JPL

There are an object over the surface , on the horizon , close to the red dot , will it be a flaw of the photography?

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