Rover photo shows metal engineering below lava

I have Curiosity photo PIA19066 on Alexander hills and the bottom right corner below lava a pipe with a valve and two metal brackets attacked to girders going under the lava along side the pipe, the pipe looks like a 5" water pipe blocked at the end with a valve in the centre, the pipe looks as though it is going underground to Gilbert peak which just so happens to have a circle of rocks arond it, It looks like HUMAN engineering! very strange, this photo was taken 23rd Nov 2014.
I would upload the pics if I knew how but will be making a video and anyone want the pics please email and I will gladly send them.
Very exciting find and I can't stop thinking about it.

How do I post the photos, help

*** from hortonheardawho:

Steve, I fixed your posts and recommend that you read the topic How To Post.