Rover Robot equipment

Hi guys, do any of you know anything about Rover Robot ChemCam and other instruments they use on Mars? I am doing a research as part of my studies and I have a short questionnaire I would be thankful if anyone could fill it out for me! Here is the link for it

Everybody, please try to stop adding multiple copies of a new topic. Each added topic pushes down the regular topics. If you think it wasn't added, please wait a while (maybe a day?) to see if it appears before trying again. Or add your question or comment to an existing topic if you can find one that fits.

Don't be so lazy, do the research and find out the answers, do you know how to use Google ???

,,,,,,,the MRB mission will continue ,Richard?.....who's in charge here?Winston, Barsoomer,,, both of you are same as me....??...I was here from the start..

MSL, 2020, much more, all more detailed than the retired rovers. The science on Mars is just beginning.

'Mars News' on topic shows a link for newest Mars weather. Great new tools and equipment coming online.

Do we need a 'Mars Weather' topic now?

Do we need a 'Mars Weather' topic now?