Running from the pipe water, improved scale

Thanks, Ixt


Richard or Mark I think that E.S should be able to post replies on this forum he has to start a new thread in order to reply to anything it seems a bit harsh to me he is in the penalty box so why cant he respond to anyone who comes here ,the rest have a choice not to read these posts ?

I have made it possible for you to reply to your own threads here in the penalty box. Just trying to give you a little more freedom.

Thanks, guys :blush:

you're welcome

That's pretty weird looking -- got an enlargement?

I already went through lot of pain, enlarging to this size.
It is the most I could get to.

Really, there is nothing weird although here. It is consistent with the Mars environment, check my website.



I have just noticed a number "36" under the pipe!

Martians have stolen our digits 8)

8) 8) 8)


E.S it could be 86 or even 586 or 686 or 96 but I agree its a 6:)
Good job it wasn't 666:)

Something fishy is going on :blush: :blush: :blush: :P