Send your name to Pluto

Sign up and your name will be whisked away to the most distant planet in the solar system. :D

Sadly, I predict that Pluto will be a boring icy planetoid, but hey, at least my name is gonna fly around out there.

I signed also and what's more fun is that after Pluto our names will travel into interstellar space forever!! We're going to the stars!! :shock:

Totally cool. I signed up too.

Me too.

And so do I.
A personal signature i Space !!
Not bad !

Gee, what a "opportunity" !!!


could a CD withstand -273° celsius ????

BOH !!!


There goes an ustrax on board to the border of the solar system!

I'm going to Pluto and beyond!

My daughters' names were on Stardust....
What happened to the chip with the names?

re newboy Posts: 109 Reply: 9

the chip is mounted on Stardusts body. It will stay in interplanetary space but will come very near Earth wenn the capsule returns.

re "health" of New Horizons CD - if they use a quarz CD like they used for the MER rovers (liefetime >500 years), it will last for millions of years. If they use plastic I guess it will became brittle due to the background radiation.

A question to the forum: will there be an opportunity (!) to sign in on the Phoenix mars lander - I found nothing on their Webpage.

A last notice: perhaps some of you (like me) signed on the Mars polar lander CD which landed on Mars in 1999. They never got a signal from MPL, but it seems now that Michael Malin found MPL (and its parachute) in a superresolution with MOC. There is the impression that MPL may be more or less mechanically intact on the martian surface. Malin will try to make further pics this year. If MPL fell from a hight of some 10 m, there is a chance that the CD with the names is intact !

From Stardust microchip FAQ:

"Two copies of each chip were installed on the spacecraft (for a total of four chips). Two of the microchips (#1 & #2) are inside the Sample Return Capsule, and will return back to Earth with the capsule in the year 2006. The other two chips are on the spacecraft body and will remain in space forever."

And unlike the geeky binary encoding on CD or DVD like other missions, the Stardust microchips contains tiny little names in roman characters, etched, as well as some pictures and documents.

A copy of each chip is coming home, January 15, if all goes well.

I wrote JPL regarding whether or not the Mars Pheonix Lander would have a "Send Your Name" type program. I got a reply back, and they've stated that as of this time, they are not considering such a sign-up program.


Thanks for the link! My wife on me are on the rovers too but this one is REALLY going
far..and the kids get to join the ride now!

Do you remember this thread ?
Now, we're on the way !

At least our names. With the bullet's speed 25 times. 8)

New Horizons Participation Certificate

Cool, I forgot about this -- i'm #718


Shedding Light on Frontier Worlds

Participation Certificate

Presented to


On February 18, 2005

Thank you for joining the first mission to the last planet! A compact disc bearing your name will be included on the New Horizons spacecraft, set for the first voyage to a new class of planets on the solar system's farthest frontier.

Come with us as we complete the reconnaissance of the solar system and unlock the secrets of Pluto, its moon, Charon, and the Kuiper Belt.



thanks for the read....I missed the chance!


to whom this may concern,,, in my humble opinion pluto is a real planet and the other planets that orbit saturn and all that stuff and you know it. Because it orbits th e Sun and all those little kids who've been making their science projects all this time. The astronomer who spent so much time and effort in his work discovering this planet. When he died he believed it was a planet and it's not fair to his memory to pretend it's not a planet. That's what I believe. I want Pluto to be offially given back it's planetary entitlement for the benefit of all humanity and all backyard astronomers wherever they may be. In this solar system, in this galaxy in our universe. May the heavens rejoicen now. And the 26 righteous people who hold up the Earth.

i think the at the top is right

where can i sign up my name for this? can anyone direct me please?