Skeletal remainings of Martian lizard

Take a look
Skeletal remainings of Martian lizard

Just so you and ES1 know I am still paying some attention to you. I also saw this photo and thought it to be odd that in one photo you could have so many "rocks that look like bones. There is even a "rock" there that looks like a scull.
You are in Jail but not forgotton. Promise to clean up your posts with a letter to Mark and maybe he will let you out! Use the words like Appears to be or Looks like and stay away from the Bio and geo sections. ES1 is the most guilty and I don't know if he/she will ever get parolled

Yes, that is an interesting photo... :)

I gotta say I did see the similarities in the top circled item.......

FYI, Extra sense 2, I've released you from the penalty box. Be good. :wink:

:o :roll: :roll: :lol: :D :evil: :twisted: :roll: :wink: