Sol 277 - fleur de lis?

There are three high rez Hand Lens Images from Sol 277, each nearly identical. In each one there is a repeating pattern I have not seen before in MAHLI images of these bumpy rocks. I see at least 8 small circular areas where the orange surface grit has been rubbed away, and in the center of each is what looks like a rough hole. Oddly, almost all of the "holes" have a fleur-des-lis pattern. I can't get over the feeling it's as if something hatched out.

Here is a sol 276-277 false color animation before and after a brush / APXS of this area.

Yes, truly peculiar. This area was the location of the second rock drilling and sample analysis is going on as I type.

I am hoping that the results will be the long awaited "Earth shattering" news from Mars.