South Endeavour Crater

Time for the next chapter.

The last topic in the Opportunity Saga was
Marathon Valley

This continuation is dedicated to the memory of HortonHeardAWho, who taught us all.

Going through Lewis and Clark pass.

My first attempt at a color image.

Any possibility this white stuff can be frost?

Interesting suggestion! I don't think so. The brightness is not as prominent in the L5 channel:

The L7 channel is kind of messed up but I think the bright area is brownish in color, and I think it is a continuation of the bright area in the 3-D image.

Maybe there is a thin covering of frost over sand, but I think that area may be brighter because of being fresher.


Very good idea to start a new topic. Congrats.

Nice image also. It seems that the white stuff on the Navcams was really probably the high contrasty pale sands.

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Mars Rover Opportunity also found ooids:


Monthly TPS update by A.J.Rayl.

"We have out ahead of us---at the gully and also another target we're going to drive by on our way---features that seriously look like they have been carved by flowing fluids, water or debris flow or something like that."

Groovy! Thanks Barsoomer. Here's some big downslope flows at about the same scale as the bigger grooves at Marathon Valley, same orientation, and close by at Victoria:

Look near the image center, just a little up and left from the center. There are a few. The biggest one is quite obvious. These fit well with the other sand streams that we have seen at Victoria, Endurance and Erebus. But there's no water, so never mind.

Microchannel of the fine dark sand. Dry, but so reminiscent of watery areas on Earth.

This is an odd feature---like a clearing.

We seem to be approaching that bright mound. The next science target?

Dark stuff erupting from the subsurface?

Getting closer to the mound.

Isolated NEWBERRY bunch! First one we've seen since Cape York.


Upper right.

Spirit Hill overlooking Endeavour Crater.


Have you tried Microsoft Ice for stitching images. Its very good and the price is right, Free.


Hi Winston, thanks for the tip. However, MS ICE apparently only runs on PCs and I have a Mac. If anyone can recommend autostitch software for the Mac, please let me know.

Image site has full filter treatment for the above. My color is from the L4,L5,L6 channels, which are closest to RGB.

To me the upper right part of this:

is the most interesting, but it gets only L2,R2 images in this release.


They've now added the R1 image. Below is a 3D made of a simulated green R2 avg R1 filter.


Look at the formation at the bottom left of the image. I think there can be little doubt that the erosion of the rock there is from the soil in which the rock was anchored.


Oops! The R2/R1 3D was for the first image in your reply 16.