any followers if the musk man here?

anybody got their ticket ready?

anybody recognizing today as Easter? 2016

God is Good.

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Rumor is there is a spaceman on an electric automobile travelling around the inner solar system now, but we haven't the telescope to see it as yet.
It is rumored to be headed away from Earth and Mars and may be a classic some day soon.

Third link gives some perspective on how difficult it will be to be long term space travelers.

Last booster was lost. Most likely due to one engine did not cut off. Anyone got anymore information.

Last night starlink launch was successful. Booster landed safely on the drone ship, " Of course I still love you."

Just had another successful launch from PAD 40. Orbital booster recovered on droneship, “just read the instructions.”

There was another Starlink successful launch from PAD 39A. 24 hrs ago. Crew two is growing near.

Crew two .is comming

Crew one replay.

Starship super heavy orbital booster stacked. That’s crazy tall. The Starship sets on top. Time lapse video.


Another 60 Starlink satiellites launched a little over 24 hrs ago from pad 40, at the Un-American time of 3:00 AM.

Russia on board with SpaceX technologies. Starting small but Elon is on board.

Bob and Doug’s booster completed nineth mission.

Crew 2 bumped to Friday due to down range weather associated with today’s epic frontal passage off eastern seaboard.

Big week for SpaceX. Crew 2 launch. Two Dragons now docked at ISS. Great to see NASA continues the Navy tradition of ringing the bell announcing the ships arrival in dock.

There is now a section of Kennedy Space Center dubbed, “Dragon land.”

Crew arrives this morning.

Elon host SNL May 8th.

Elon Musk (Rocket man) trolls Jeff Bezos

Crew 1 departure from ISS delayed due to high winds and high seas in the splashdown zone. Link to live coverage, today 6PM EDT, 2200 UTC.

Crew 1 returns safely.

Falcon 9 Starlink mission still on for today 5/4/21 at 301 EDT. Will post link when it goes live.

We got a live link.

Spacex link.

Looks like propload!

A young man.

Last 14 days successful Crew 2 launch. Successful Crew 1 splashdown. Two successful Starlink Falcon Nine launches. Two successful orbital booster recoveries. Starship SN15 nails first “soft” landing.

Congratulations Elon and SpaceX team.

Elon host Saturday night live.

Elon is off the chain. Like me…,

Good to see Elon play. Next falcon launch. 2am EST.

Falcon 9 launch this morning.

Next Starlink launch May 15th around 6PM EDT from pad 39A. Rock and Roll…

They did it again!

Rocket Lab bites the dust…

First Boeing, then Blue Origin, now Rocket Lab.

Weather looks marginal for Thursday launch. Main convection seems to be northeast. Scattered to broken low clouds. Risk light rain showers, tops 15K

.looks like VFR. Range looks green! Go flight!

Good info on today’s launch!

SpaceX founder and chief engineer Elon Musk hopes to have a launch platform in the Gulf of Mexico ready for Starship testing at some point in 2022.
So far the company has conducted all test flights of its next-generation Mars rocket system from its development facility on shore in the tiny Texas community of Boca Chica, a place Musk has been campaigning to re-christen as Starbase, Texas.
Last year a SpaceX subsidiary purchased two former deepwater oil rigs, renamed them Phobos and Deimos after the moons of Mars, and began converting them to offshore launch pads. Musk hopes that Starship will carry humans to Mars later this decade.
On Sunday, Musk tweeted an update, announcing that "ocean spaceport Deimos is under construction for launch next year.

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Go flight…

Midnight launch

This video could go several places. Elevator operational on launch tower at Starebase. 87th booster recovery. Message from Elon. He reminds me of my uncle. When I came to him with a problem from a replicated process he would say, “If all else fails, read the instructions.”

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Till September 2021 Space X is gonna cover whole planet with Starlink internet connection and it`s gonna launch 42 thousand of satellites.

Never ending social drama of money and favor, plenty of mystery and chaos. The Moon is also a target and the money is a tough play.

Years of experience make a difference, but each of these groups seeks enough to keep the market functioning.
The Moon base is going to happen, and the Gateway, and more.
This a couple decades past was science fiction movie stuff.
China is kicking up some dust, and it is finding it’s way into the eyes of Americans of wealth and slight of hand.

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