Starship Test Flights

We have a SpaceX thread, but I thought it was too broad. SN10 on the pad in Boca Chica. 10 kilometer flight possible Monday. Will try new landing manouver. Good call Elon.

SN10 static fire image 1 day ago.

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Wednesday looks like launch day, weather permitting. This is a link to live cam from LabPadre.

NASA Space Flight is live.

This was first upright landing. Legs are still suspect. Fire then secondary explosion. I will quote Elon here. “RIP SN10. Honerable discharge.”

Starship SN11 rolls out to pad. NASA Space Flight live coverage.

Starship SN11 passed cryo test last evening. NASA Space Flight live coverage.

LSS green run live coverage?

Starship SN 11 static fire. NASA Space Flight live coverage. Engine chill underway!

Starship SN11 static fire. Approximately 9 AM CST 21Mar 2021.

Born 1939. Got to see first Starship shipyard. If I would have thought I would live this long, I would have taken better care of myself. Time for a cigar.

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Who is also watching the live stream now, looking forward to the launch of SN11?

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It was scrubbed. Most likely weather. I think they would want VFR conditions. (Visible flight rules). They did take the opportunity for a single Raptor static fire.

15K to 20K ft winds 75-90 kts. Looks like Monday.

The angry astronaut. A legend is born.

Starship SN11 crashed and burned. Visibility at launch was near zero. Onboard camera failed. It was a bad. I’m embarrassed for all involved. Bad move.

Looks like it had catastrophic engine failure and auto-destruct sequence was initiated at about 1500 feet. Video shows small pieces raining down, debris field.


Auto destruct confirmed at an altitude of 1 kilometer.

An explanation of my initial reaction. Liftoff with 0 visibility is to lose visible data. Loss of data is loss of information. In the end Starship will fly like an airliner in IFR (instrument flight rules). Starship is not yet IFR rated. Elon said he will learn more when he picks up the bits. Now he wants visible data.

This same argument was made on this Forum with NASA images. You can take images with all types of filters and in many wave lengths, good data. In the end you still need to ‘just take the picture’.

Spaceport fly over. Debris field.

It should be noted this was the first time Starship and orbital booster were in high. Bay.