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Yes! You described it much better than I did in the thread titled "cellular structure?" I hope more people get a look at that "thing" whatever it is so we can hear more ideas.


I'm sure that everyone at NASA and JPL would be overjoyed if they had unquestionable proof of life on Mars, but it's the methodology of science that prevents them from considering a biotic origin for the structures we're seeing.
If the hypothesis is, 'the structures are of a biotic origin' then anything that can explain them as having an abiotic origin causes you to reject the initial hypothesis. It is only when there is no acceptable abiotic explanation for the structures, that you can begin to consider a biologic origin.

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I think that we already have a good article about "Liquid water and life on Mars"
(Gilbert V. Levin and Ron L. Levin), and after reading it you can understand a lot of things. Anybody interested ? You can find it at


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