Strange Blip at end of August

An interesting statistical comparison of web traffic occurred here, at the end of August last year. I don't recall anything unusual going on with NASA at the end of August last year, do you guys?

I wonder what happened here to create such an influx, such a SURGE of web traffic? :lol:

Naw, it couldn't be ... :shock:

Penalty Box
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And my vote goes to:
ראה - Dinomantis, RW or whatever for filling this MARS-forum with utter bull.... - again !



I presented here something as interesting, as anyone else has.

This is the temple of Mars, isn't it?

Let the stars fall upon him who counts the matter in the sky, but does not accumulate any real knowledge of them.

Step out of the mirror and into the sky by the Lamb, which is no bull.

I repeat ..."Hail to the Chief" of Hell on the earth.

"This is the temple of Mars, isn't it?"

You know what you're expected to do in the Temple of Mars?

Well the Salii used to dance naked, brandishing spears. I guess you do something just as silly.

- oh you need a vote - yes, put ro'eh the seer in the penalty box, He'd probably love being made a martyr.

His act as forum clown is wearing a bit thin.

I would like to see RW put into the penalty box as well.



Wasn't RW banned from this site last year already? If so, why bother with the penalty box - just make sure the ban sticks...

i vote for this joker to go to the penalty box. He's spamming our threads something fierce.

I agree that ראה should be put in the penalty box. If not for wasting bandwidth with huge, irrelevent and frankly poor quality images, then for simply not having anything to say about Mars.

As usual, you boys are afraid of honest debate regarding St. NASA's new secret religion. Two of the three threads I'm involved in, are mine, the other is about evolution, which is a hotly debated topic in lots of circles.

Your whining makes me wonder when the cheese is going to arrive. :-)

I'm willing to bet that my threads are highly active here. Mark isn't going to ignore the bottom line. I will admit that I need to watch the band width issue in MY THREADS; using more attached .JPG's, but otherwise, I'm good for this site, gentlemen ... and ladies.

ראה is correct about one thing, the threads are indeed active. I don't base this on web traffic stats, but simply on the number and frequency of replies to threads. Of course, this is apparent to all members here. Here are some recent examples:

NASA issues new media policy - 56 replies over a 24 day period
The first step - Earth to Mars - 29 replies over a 20 day period
And this thread - with 11 replies over a 10 day period (so far)

My point here is that people seem to find these threads interesting enought to post replies. And when you post replies, it moves the thread to the top of the list, where it gets more attention than otherwise. Here is a piece of advice that I have offered before: if you find a poster to be disruptive, then you should ignore that person, rather than continue to promote their threads to the top the list for days and weeks.

That said, he is wrong about a few things as well. The graphs posted here and the alleged 'blip' are nonsense. The spike in ranking at the end of August looks like it represents a single day only -- after that, the ranking went right back to the same approximate level as before. As such, I am not really sure what that could possibly prove.

Besides, there is a lot more on than just the Mars Rover Blog and forum. Looking back at my August stats, I see the following spike in traffic:

August 23 - 21,002 visitors
August 24 - 39,102 visitors
August 25 - 22,592 visitors

There is your traffic spike, as you can see. Note again that it dropped back down the next day. In my August stats, I see a lot of vistors who were searching "google talk", probably landing on a page from GoogleGuy Says. Doing a quick search shows that the Google Talk service was launched on August 24, 2005. So there is the "strange blip" explained.

You are also wrong about another thing. While I do notice which threads are active, I also respect the collective wishes of the active members here. I am not that active here myself, but I trust Forum Moderator Richard completely. And if Richard comes to me with a general consensus that some particular action needs to be taken, then I will do it -- regardless of thread activity, web traffic, etc. My personal opinion is that having the odd thread like yours is a good thing to promote discussion and debate -- but, if a situation were to delevop where other threads were perceived to be 'hijacked' in this direction, that would be a bad thing. However, my personal opinion is secondary to the opinions of the members here.

My point here is that people seem to find these threads interesting enought to post replies

It's not at all that we find them "interesting"; we reply because we're trying to defend the good nature and name of the forum, and trying to stop it being hijacked by a ranting religious zealot with absolutely NO interest in Mars or space exploration whatsoever. I just hate the thought of some poor kid Googling "Mars" for a homework project and then being slapped in the face with such garbage. It's not good for the forum as a resource, nor for its loyal members, and it's certainly not good for all the hard-working, dedicated people who strive so hard to push back the Frontier.

It should also be mentioned that a fair number of rather intelligent people have left this forum, and some have indicated that they did so because they were fed up with nonsense like this.

The religious troll is Raptor Witness, and he has been ignored in the past. When he has been ignored, he has simply bumped up his own threads over and over by filling them with his own replies. So the ignore strategy does not work.

Stu's point is salient. The reputation of this blog is compromised when someone comes across it and sees it filled with this sort of drivel.

I realise from your intervention that Richard may be away, but this guy is clearly off topic and he is a troll.

His posts serve merely to annoy people. Nobody, apart from yourself has so far defended him. To do so is to legitimise his deluded ideas.

As far as the replies are concerned, he posts a thread then replies to his own posts. That's how they end up being at the top of the list.

He seems to have had undue protection under the various guises of Amalgamale, Raptor Witness, Dinomantis, Smitten Semi Cameroon and Ro'eh (Hebrew Characters). You can tell by his style. Maybe he is a family friend or something, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

If you just want Richard to make the decision, that's fine.

The guy's comments are a bit offensive to me anyway...(but it does give me the urge to speak my mind and I hope I don't annoy too many people by daring to air my opinion).

In this day of religious zealots blowing themselves up and killing innocents I find the whole religious zealot thing wearing very thin. These people are nothing more than attention hogs and they don't care who they hurt to get their attention fix.

In my humble opinion God is good will and the organizational forces of the universes, not an entity that would condone focused genocide (I suppose genocide might fall into an organizational force, but would not qualify as good will).

First impression: this guy seems like the kind of fellow that would get a charge out of blowing himself up to take out a handful of folks that would DARE to have a slightly different opinion than he has. That's been done before and anyone into that kind of thing is beyond evil and pathetic. I suppose it's more likely that he just likes to aggravate people.

I hope that I'm wrong, it would be nice if we could all just get along here.

As the Earth's population increases and conditions become more difficult, more people with bad intentions toward others will surface and they play out their drama on our stage. Things are about as good right now as they will ever be.

If anyone wants to crusade to make the Earth a better place they should stand on a soapbox and talk about overpopulation, not religion.

I actually know real people that are so enraptured with religion that they don't even think about overpopulation and pollution problems. They believe that if the Earth becomes too polluted or overpopulated that it becomes uncomfortable that God will simply take care of it, God will fix everything. They believe that people should have as many babies as they can because (according to the bible) God said "be fruitful and multiply" and there was nothing in the bible about worrying about overpopulation or pollution so there is no need for us to concern ourselves with such trivial matters, God will take care of everything and all we need to do is be nice and multiply.

I don't even want to get into the radical muslim interpretation of religions, they are surrealistically illogical and hurtful.

I am a true believer in God and religion, but I am also a scientist. Harming and irritating other fellow beings has no place in religion as I understand it. Making this planet a better place should be everyone's priority and we are wasting precious time squabbling about silly matters of our personal interpretation of religion. There is only one God and he is likely not exactly like any of our many religious interpretations. For us, understanding God is probably like an amoeba trying to understand the universe as we currently know it. We are simply not intelligent enough to fully understand God but can only form opinions and everyone and their grandma has their own personal opinions.

If we have more time and can evolve ourselves and our machines we will be able to get a better glimpse of God. For now, we need to buy ourselves more time by limiting overpopulation which is the major cause of nearly every malady effecting the human race.

I'll never truly understand why some folks get so heated up about evolution vs God, as far as I can tell they go together perfectly.

I would imagine that the purpose of life is to contribute to the betterment of our lot on Earth and our future on Earth so that we can evolve/change into a creature that can become closer to God. If we cannot, maybe the future evolution of another species on Earth can achieve this. There may be many entities in our universe(s) that have an opportunity to evolve into something more capable of communicating with God.

On Earth we have made great progress over the past few billion years but we are still lacking. Our communication, understanding, and control skills are sorely lacking. Our future evolution seems that it will be irrevocably entwined with machines, hopefully that will be a good thing and not a bad thing. It's up to us, we need to focus on better intelligence, communication, understanding, and control.

I hope that I didn't offend anyone, this is simply my humble opinion.

Cast the swine into the box. CAST HIM!

look where this thread is

Aldebaran, I try not to make such decisions myself, because I don't spend enough time here myself to be fair and objective. I don't have the full context, and have not read all the posts in question. This the main reason that I reply on FMR.

Upon Richard's recommendation, this poster has now been placed in the Penalty Box.

Also, it should be noted that I didn't defend him. I merely pointed out the fact that his threads were very active, and that some members continued to promote them to the top of the list, by replying to them. And I stated my general opinion that there is a place for theological or philosophical discussion here, although perhaps these should be restricted to the "against the maintream" forum. Nobody has "undue protection" here -- I will always act based on the consensus of the active members, as communicated via FMR.

Just an FYI, there are several options is such cases:

-place a member in the penalty box (the person can still post and reply, but on in the Penalty Box forum)

-completely ban a member (the person cannot post anywhere on the site)

-in additon to the above, past threads can be moved to the penalty box (as FMR has done in this case)

-in addition to a complete ban, I can remove all past topics and/or replies by a particular person. While this is an extreme measure, it can be very effective against trolls who thrive attention: instantly, all of their past words are gone, all of that effort has disappeared. As such, it is often an effective detterent. Just an option to keep in mind...