Take On Mars Simulator


I have almost completed a complete revamp of collecting resources on this Mars Simulator. I like the program in that it seems to be a nice interactive way to learn more about Mars.

I found the resource collection setup was inadequate for my purposes of hardcore gameplay. Although there is an assumptin that the rock/soil collectors can assimilate the nanometer particles into useful building materials at a x10 rate, the proportions and locations of most minerals and elements have been set to relate to the actual resource availability and locations on Mars.

I am close to starting on the actual mission creation using my Mod for the SIM, so feel free to join me and watch my progress on learning about Mars and resource collecting.

I like the SIM very much and feel it it is well worth the money to get a first hand look at what it might be like to live on Mars.

I have setup the resources such that it would take 3 months or less to build the first small pressurized outpost to get the drinking water container in so I can transfer water into the little water packets for the astronaut ! Kind of an odd way of doing things but that is how the SIM is setup ( hardcore way that is ) ! Also the time rendering is set to 1:24 speeded up; otherwise it would take 3 real months to get anywhere !

There is also a 1:60 rate.

I will start out doing Rover missions in the pre-selected landing areas ( watch my previous stream ); I will go over that again in a subsequent stream.

I should be starting on the actual mission soon, and will give a short DEMO on that as well !

Please take a look at

Take On Mars

You can get it on Steam.

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Thank you !