The ES Creature (little gorilla)

We should discuss this creature-like object that Extra Sense pointed out in the thread below.

This thing looks like a little gorilla. It is located in the upper right of this image:

This object appears in 4 images that I located. They are a part of the Sol 87 images and they are the 4 images at the bottom of the page of the Navcam images from that sol.

If anyone finds any others, please post them.

The ES article in the other link discusses the object, and gives measurements which are close to the ones that I got:

This is the link that ES provided to a little article that mentions this object at the end (and also provides an anaglyph):

I think this is an interesting object worth discussing. What are other opinions of this object?

This guy is family. From near Larrys Lookout

Colors by Horton

I found two PNG files with this object at the mer analyst's notebook site. Only the left images were found. I cut out the object for you from the PNG and enlarged it to about 5 inches:

PNG 1 cut from analyst notebook

Second PNG view of object

Denmike, thanks. Your object is interesting. It is interesting that a base object seems to have a head appendage attached to it at a correct anatomical location. I think the ES image is more significant because there is a vast difference in appearance from the appendage to the body in that object. It's as if this is a composite of two different materials.

Weird Al looks like he is made of the same material from stem to stern. Still interesting though. What is the size of Weird Al?

Here is a Mer parallax calculator that works online:

Here is a gif of the two png files:


Thats just too weird, dbn.

Its shape is quite odd, I agree.

ES, Reply 10: LOL.

The funny thing is that among the many thousands of possibilities, I'm still not ruling out that this was a manufactured stuffed animal toy - dressed in clothes, (however unlikely that may be).

Hopefully, some geology guys will join the discussion with some other possibilities to examine which explains this odd object.

I would like to see some darker rocks (lavas?) with lips forming like lapels. This is not the first object like this I have seen on Mars. Are there earth examples of the same which are geologically explained?

I think if there are earth examples of this type of object - even if they are volcanically formed rocks - that there should be a museum housing them. This really is quite curious. I would think a rock specimen - with a different material forming the head with such precision as this one - would certainly be worth in the tens of thousands of dollars if not more) to a museum which collects similar earth rocks.

Ripley's Believe it or Not, should collect rocks of this type for display.

Does anyone want to take the opposite side of this argument? (Thanks).

Okay, I've just done a google search of lava museums - natural history museums, an ebay search of lava rocks, etc. I can't find anything like this. Can someone find anything remotely close to this in a lava rock for me? Thanks.

Damn that animated gif was interesting...optical illusion of a rock formation or a creature...? Lets see if it continues to walk....

Why would you rule out a manufactured item (a remnant of an ancient civilization)?

Why would you rule out the mummified (freeze-dried) remains of a creature that once lived, but is now dead?

You have taken the stance that if it doesn't walk... it must be a... rock... or wait, not even a rock, an optical illusion of a rock formation? Why are these the only options you consider, Sarl?

For clarification, the animation I posted in Reply 6 was not meant to show that the thing moved. (In fact, it did not move). The purpose was to allow you to see the difference between the two png's I posted, when the image was taken from extremely different locations. Clearly, this is a single object and not an illusion caused by rock position. If there is any question in your mind about that, take a look at the two png images separately. One is taken when the object is at the extreme left side of the rover, and the other is taken when the object is at the extreme right side of the rover.

This animation, on the other hand, is for your amusement:


This looks like another of the "radials" that have been spotted throughout Gusev Crater. That is one creepy anim.gif. These different textured, top mounted, radial objects are one of the repeated shapes we have encountered. There was one object that Spirit(?) ran over and it popped, something oozed out of it. There was an image of it on this forum last spring.

Thanks, anonymous poster in Reply 16. Is there any way you can find that old thread? Thanks.

Meanwhile, here is yet another angle of view of the object, tending to disprove Sarl's optical illusion theory:

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Get ready to have yer socks blown off:

The thing that "popped" and/or was run over by Oppy is the most interesting thing on mars that I've seen. I put it in the same category as the berries, crinoid and orbitting spacecraft sightings. Fascinating. Something on Mars that expands and contracts.