The Great Faceless Challenge

Faceless, please post all visible evidence of Man`s time on Mars here. All Images and analysis must be posted here. Reference all data and supply context images for all crops on demand.

Microbial life on Mars seems likely. Any visible data, analysis post here. Any context on demand.

Rules : no links, just you, me and the forum.

Darwin, sorry,
1. I avoid debates as much as possible.
2. I don't know how to post images on this forum. Also, it's a waste of time to re-post here the images I already posted (mentioned in 3)
3. Most of my figures (images) are posted in Flickr under the name Liangtai Lin. Earlier images from Mars are posted in
Meteorite images are shown in other albums.
4. NASA and scientists see no life in images from Mars. They rely on biochemical results from SAM. However, Murchison meteorite has all the molecules SAM could possibly detect. So, they cannot find life on Mars.

Faceless, that would make you, spam.

Your arrogance is on display.

I suggest the evidence of life on Mars is now no longer available, as it would be present at another geologic time period, not presently, and it would likely be in the Thaurasia region and others altered by activities and geologic events massively changing Mars early surfaces.
We have all seen the evidence I have presented, and the evidence others presented on this blog, yet the wealthy types such as Mark Zuckerburg who apparently hates the poor and workers, has eliminated my Facebook Pages with those images, similarly to the sarcastic mis-references to my presenting the images here on Marroverblog, showing a social process of contempt for evidence strongly suggesting possible life on Mars. I am not keeping up with the blog's ongoing drama on the topic, just passed by today, and will find where this conversation originated for this particular interaction. Pleased to hear from you Darwin, was wondering where many contributors have been, and hope to revive some of the controversies involved.
My own image hosts have even been under a siege from odd mechanical dramas and coordinated denial attacks at times, so I keep my ears and eyes open for evidence.
I hope others here have noticed that I add evidence to evidence, rather than deny outright what can be added.
What can be added here?

It is good to hear from you Dana. You were always the voice of reason here.
The observations of structures on Mars have been reduced to nothingnesss. Most anomalies where in the southern high latitudes. We have seen very litte, from this area, in high resolution. That's all I can add.

Faceless, this crowd is not looking for much homework. I understand micro and macro meteorology. This presentation required me to teach. On a biology scale you must define, as I tried. In the end we are all teachers.

NASA has always been suspect. Why you would send a 3 billion dollar rover with a grayscale camera can never be reconciled.

This forum is open, unlike UMSF. During my exile I had to get me one of those college degrees. It is programming. Not all bad. There is something to be said for decorum. There is nothing to be said for personal judgement. I can't spell that other word.

In closing someone must teach this young man how to post images. I'm mobile, no way here.

Has anyone heard from Winston? He posted a damp rock and then nothing.

Time for a stiff one.


Well, let's all pray Winston is on hiatus, and has not faded away.


On topic. Faceless has been given false data. He has endowed it with belief. He then "thinks" he knows. In Baltimore we call that being off the chain.


Reply 8, What false data? Fake news?

Faceless, look up the definition of ignorance. You will find an 8 by 10 glossy of you.

The foot note will say, "see idiots "

Reality never bows to illusion.

We all seek answers. In the beginning we project our answers. My degree is in psychology. Knowing the fundemental nature of the Mind is nessasary, otherwise we deterate into magic, there illusions seem real.


It is interesting that you are a student of psychology. Have you read the book, "Behave," by Robert Sapolsky, a recent NYT bestseller? It covers the physiology of how various brain structures and neurons interact to induce different attitudes, emotions and behavior. I think you would like the book. it explains a lot about why people do what they do and believe what they believe.

Magic is the mindless or distructive use of Mind. White magic does no harm to the subject. Black magic does.


Magic regires "believe." The truth does not.


John, I got caught up in teaching. Give me some more.


I try not to get caught up at the symtom leaval. Nuroplastisity is a good topic. The chicken and the egg follows.


You are right Darwin, the truth is not about belief, especially in regards to science; it is about evidence and logic.