The most important issue that must be solved in space exploration area

What are the most important issues we have now in the space exploration area? As we can see now space explorations are developing very rapidly and doing this, it causes a lot of issues to solve. Humans have a lot of stuff to figure out to get closer to a particular purpose and which one do you consider is the most important and must be solved the first?

Purpose is simply the quest for knowledge and the extension of life or consciousness.

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Yeah, expanding our knowledge in space exploration area this is genuinely the purpose that must be always followed. However, I consider there is one issue that can hinder space exploration campaign. I am talking about space debris that became an issue all around the globe for all space agencies. I have already mentioned in another thread that The big number of space junk can damage expensive spacecrafts the growing number of space items can lead to the state where he object density is so high that one collision is enough to generate a cascade effect, leading to further collisions.

I wanna mention ‘The Claw’ mission that represents the first step towards a clean space environment by being the first space debris removal dedicated mission. This mission is about to be launched in 2025. More detailed information you may findhere

Space debris is an issue. Starship has a plan that presents itself as a macrophage. Deep space vehicles are not an issue.

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Space X has a plan how to partialy solve it. At least, this company has a plan how not to increase the number of it. Starlink satellites will have a special self- disposal function. It means that when the term of usage of particular satellites comes to the end, satellites will be able to lead themself to the atmosphere of Earth where they burn down.

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