Theory of Mars conditional current state

Film 4 portrayed sci-fi movies one after the another the other night. Deep impact through to Martian etc etc. This made some interest regards the research of the red planet and found out the beginning of Mars might had life at earlier times. The vast area of the Borealis Basin and in comparison to the chunks and/ or dent on both of the moons, Phebos and Deimos would suggest a direct collision by the asteroid. Is possible the smaller moon of Deimos hit the other Phebos and broke of the asteroid in part while sending one bit directly on coarse to Mars i.e. the Borealis Basin and the other direction now Deimos was facing and captured in the magnetic field around Mars orbiting. Whether the carbon rich rock mixed with ice completely disintegrated through the collision and Mars atmosphere and/ or the crater already existed prior it is apparent that of the carbon oxide covered the entire planet. Is possible a direct hit of the asteroid on the other hand the rock was formed to catalyst and sent up into the atmosphere and, then fallen. The canyon Valles Marneris would strengthen the case of this formation to co-exist with.

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