According to the PBS documentary NOVA -- Earth's Rocky Start:

* primordial comets & asteroids only possess a "starter kit" of ~250 mineral types

* Earth possesses ~5000 mineral types, of which 2/3rds (3300?) are oxides arising because of our unique oxygen-rich atmosphere, ~250 come from the primordial "starter kit", and the rest (1400?) formed because of the intense pressures within our world

IF so, then even the early pre-biotic earth contained an "extra" 1400 mineral varieties or so, formed from intense planetary pressures

NOW, the pressures within Mars are much much lower than within Earth (1/6th). SO, Mars may have only a small fraction (1/6th) as many "extra" mineral types?

IF SO, then Mars only has maybe 200-300 "extra" mineral types, over and above its "starter kit" of 250 primordial kinds, for a total of around 500 total types?