Can you please explain your completely uneven "enforcement". RW has been disruptive. DX was plain disgusting and wrong. My comment were not disrupting. Richard, what have you done to stop RW? Why do you think everyone asked for a moderator in the first place?

DX posted, by far the rudest post that I have ever seen on this forum. Perhaps some posts by the french guys as bad. They could not have been worse. But, they were not seen by the rest of us. We all saw that disgusting post by DX. You can censor the following statement if you want. Blatant racism is disgusting. People that say or think about Latinos, what DX said, are disgusting, sloppy, uneducated "human beings" and their opinions and observations are useless babblings. If A=B and B=C then A=C. Latinos are beautiful people from a beautiful culture. DX, wouldn't know beauty if it hit him in the face. Many of his "observations" in this forum attest to that.
So, in this forum it's ok to be racist? But, not OK to make obvious statements that reality and any adult will agree with?