Undisputable proof of intelligent life on Mars

Hi everyone.
After studying images from Curiosity’s mast cam, I have found not only that the Martians live a subterranean existence in the active areas but also have a elaborate rail system which they are actively expanding, a devastated Air base under repair, an ancient port with many ship wrecks and an active military.
NASA has been less than truthful about the habitability of Earthlings on Mars but someone is leaking unedited images for those who wish to find them,
The only reason the major powers are racing for a “dead” planet is to annex free real estate and with the blessing of the Martians who are following our Rovers every step of the way.
Oh and yes. The many pics of the locals are definitely Humanoid.
Would anyone like to share my information and interest?
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Very interesting. Can you provide links to the photos that show undisputable proof of intelligent life on Mars?

Meanwhile, for those who already know that intelligent beings have been at work on the surface of Mars, here is a link to a photo that shows some evidence of their physical labors.


The primary area of interest in the photo is the upper right quadrant. Zoom-in with good graphics viewing software and scan the shadows below the upper ridge. A sculpted, simian-like face has been incorporated into the sheer drop-off of the rock wall. Below it, and to the left, is a small, constructed platform. Numerous other small artifacts can be seen in the photo. Just look for oddly shaped objects laying on the ground.

Those with very good vision might also be able to see the tunneled entryway in the hillside, complete with door. It is located in the general vicinity of the seal-like (think mammalian sea creature) features carved into the rock.

Needless to say, NASA/JPL will not be commenting soon on any of these revelations.

This place is as crazy as it was a decade ago! :D

If a man (or a woman) makes a landing on Mars, then this may become a moot point.