Unknown météorites discovered

Hello from France,
I am french and I propose you to visit my blog about Hunknown Météorites or Martian rocks.
Could you post my blog to the NASA and JPL Goververnment and inform them about my stones for sérious scientifics analyses ?
Thank you very much.
Pascal Charissou.


Interesting Blog and nice findings/comparisons - this is realy something to ponder :)
Unfortunatly the machine translations are quite bad and i can only read english and some spanish.

Great images. You can contact NASA yourself but remeber, if they would drive by a mudhole on Mars they probably do not care about your rocks.

Good luck and great site.


Thank you very much for your answers.
I am sory for the english transalation of Google.
I send today mail to the NASA JPL and I am waiting for an answer...
I hope that it will be ok for the scientific collaboration that I am looking for.
Best Wishes


Hello FMR,
Are you the fantastic météorites men ?
Congratulation, I like very much your web site. :D
If you visit my blog, you will saw that my météorites are very différent... May be you found specimen similar than mine ?
Best wishes,

Unfortunately, the NASA JPL don't answer to my messages. They don't want take care about my stones after reading my blog ???...
I don't understand why... I would like help science of martian minéralogie and send to NASA JPL, samples of my unknown meteorites.
I am waiting again for a positive answer. Time is a large Master.
Best wishes,
Pascal Charissou. :-)