Water Confirmed on Mars!

I can tell you know, because they just announced it on NASA TV: scientific tests have confirmed that water indeed existed on Mars in the past. More to follow...

Congrats, Spirit! :D

You beat me to the water...

Congrats Opportunity you found that Mars had water now the answer to the BIG QUESTION was there life in the past.Good Luck,Good Hunting The Truth Is Out There.We are not alone. :wink:

Spirit, you are a marvel of human ingenuity. Your capabilites are almost unfathomable. To think that you traveled millions of miles and hit a bullseye. Incredible. What would
Copernicus think?

As for teh water, I don't know if I belive it, yet (the humans down here are saying that the substances you have been digging in were once covered by water. (You didn't tell them that, they are just theorizing (one scientist (forgive me I can't remember his name) said today at a NASA press conference that "they are doing everything they can to prove that there is (or was) water on Mars")) from the data that you sent them. They are basing their findings on geological patterns - no actual water found (as you well know)).

Not that I doubt you, Spirit. I just doubt man and their...how do i put this... ulterior motives.

It's just the fact that its based on geological patterns - not actual water - that bothers me. You may not understand, you are not aware of this thing us humans have called questioning, and doubt. I'm sure you understand, however, that the findings are inconclusive. Do you see where I'm coming from?

You're welcome! Spirit

You're welcome! Spirit

Hello, anybody can tell me more information about mars and a life possibility on Mars. Sorry for my english but i m french.I m very interesting about that. Thank you.

May be we were not alone in the distant past... :-)

alright ! Does this mean we`re all moving there ? I`m still wondering why anybody cares enough to spend our hard earned dollars on it ! :cry:

We are spending our hard-earned dollars on scientific discovery that benefit everyone, of course; everyone should care about this project because it not only benefits our knowledge of Mars, but also the Earth. And scientific technologies developed for space exploration have long had significant unexpected uses in the private sector. Who would have thought Sputnik in 1957 would lead to the development of the cell phones we use every day...

Opportunity is this what water on Mars looks like?


Yes, I am a smart-ass.

Of course EVEN earth scientists know that you cant prove anything true, we can only show that things can be proven false. So there is a logical problem with trying to prove there was water on Mars.

I know there was of course, how else could I keep my helmet brush clean???? I would also mention that my blaster is water powered but then the military industrial complex might get interested and then they would of course attack.

La Various: You're not a "smart ass" you just have "mars sats";)

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