Water & Minerals at Hellas

I recently read about potential water and buried glaciers at Hellas. Given the fact that at the deeper locations of the Hellas basin liquid water could exist. where would the best prospects for that be?

And what about minerals? Hellas is an ancient impact basin and should have had at least some volcanism. Since the impact that created Hellas basin would have shattered the Martian crust, there should be vast deposits of intrusive material that might well be rich in iron and other minerals.

It surprises me that there is almost no discussion of starting a colony in the Hellas Basin. Everybody seems bent on making the first human landings in the Tharsis region.

There has been extensive reconnaissance of the Hellas basin by Martian orbital probes but I find very little coherent information about water and mineral sources in this area of Mars.

Can anybody tell me where to find such information?