What animal scull is it?

Here we have an animal scull picture from Mars, with all teeth present:

Is anyone good in biology enough to identify the animal?

Ummm, okay.
Looks more like a map of China to me.

A cross between a tyranosaurus and a bulldog, maybe. I'll never forget the day I found two humanoid skulls in appearance on Mars. I spent a lifetime looking for fossils casually and found almost nothing except when given carefully detailed instructions of where to find one. It is not easy work, and there are few visible above ground. I found both close together along with what others called birds.
No one seemed to notice. I mentioned it and still nobody took notice. They will be there for someone someday when when the cameras are rolling on Mars finally.
I never suffered any ridicule until arriving at MRB, and perhaps never will again. Still the fun of the hunt has sufficient value to carry me along. I'll be coming along to spend time with you someday. Keep up the good work.

Please all travel from this topic to the current 'Something New At Meridiani on Sol 389 Discussion' and reply image #15 of Horton, as there is a classic 'fossil' appearance of a spinal section with external texturing and a small shiney white ovoid about the size of a chickens egg at the end of the assembly. Don't ever presume to have the answers in advance, if you expect to be correct all the time!

NASA image: 1P162717822ESF4700P2564L257R12c.jpg
or similar- it has been through a few hands to here- check the original as well.
Happy hunting.